Tips for Decorative Window Film

Window film is often considered a necessity, not least by those who already have it installed. It’s not hard to see why, either  - just take a look at a few of the great benefits it can provide:

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Eliminates nasty window glare
  • Preserves the color of carpets and furniture
  • Acts as a shatter safety mechanism in case the window breaks

What many people don’t know (or haven’t considered) about window film, however, is that you can use it for stunning decorative purposes, too.

Get ready to learn about some of the best and most creative ways to use decorative window film in your home:

1. Easily get that unique stained-glass look

That’s right, you can actually turn an ordinary window into a stunning stained glass look-alike, with no easy way to tell the difference! The options for stained glass window films are vast, and unlike real stained glass, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make or install. Real stained glass can also be a real pain to install, which makes decorative window film a relatively effortless and highly cost-effective alternative.

2. Protect your sliding glass door (and yourself) from accidents

Clean and spotless sliding glass doors can be a double-edged sword, as anyone who has ever walked into one by accident will know. And don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to you – even dogs and cats with their sharp eyesight can be fooled by clear glass doors. Decorative window film can help you protect the door itself as well as your family and guests.

3. Improve your sleep in the daytime

For those times when you just need to take a nap at home, window tint can make all the difference between a restful snooze and an uncomfortable, fitful one. For those who work during the night time, this can be a lifesaver. No longer will you have to stuff your windows with foil or blankets – use block-patterned decorative window film to lower the intensity and amount of light that enters your room. It’s certainly a lot more classy than the alternatives!

4. Beautify your children’s rooms

There is an amazing variety of different designs and types of decorative window film for children’s rooms. Look around and you will find decorative film suitable for kids of all ages, ranging from complete murals to your child’s favorite cartoon characters, and more.

5. Turn extra windows into works of art

Oftentimes when renovating and extending living spaces, homeowners are left with unwanted or unnecessary windows between new rooms. Now you can easily take advantage of the extra window by decorating it instead of removing it, which can be a real hassle. It is even possible to find matching decorative window film to suit the overall look and feel of the room in question.

6. Get fancy with flower film for your façade

Make your façade more attractive by adding a nice flowery film design to your front-facing windows. There are many of these types of window film available, which means you’ll easily find something you like if flowers are your thing.

7. Give your windows a coat of frost

A favorite of decorators and homeowners everywhere, frosted window film can even be combined with interesting designs like pictures of flowers and other cool symbols that are sure to make your neighbors envious.

8. Stay stylish while guarding your privacy

Decorative window film can double as an attractive design as well as a privacy barrier to peeping toms or potential burglars.  Regardless of your personal preference and style, there are a numbers of decorative film types to fit your needs.

9. Get edgy with etches

Real etched glass doesn’t come cheap, but some homeowners simply love the unique quality it adds to their houses. With a wide array of faux etched glass window film, you can get the best of both worlds: an edgy etched look without the unbearable cost.

10. Keep your bathroom hidden

Transparent bathroom windows are the worst offenders in the ‘home annoyances’ category, which is why there’s a whole range of ripple glass window film designed specifically to keep your bathroom privacy protected.

Take a closer look at our great range of decorative films

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