Avoid Window Tint from Home Depot

An article with excellent energy-saving tips on how a woman in Jacksonville Florida cut her energy bills by half, even during the summer.  Some of the tips mentioned in the article include:

  • Replacing light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs
  • Making doors and windows airtight
  • Raising the AC temperature to 74 degrees
  • Use more ceiling and floor fans

Additional tips suggested included:

  • Use a programmable thermometer so your AC is not running when nobody is at  home
  • Install window tint on your windows to reject heat even before it enters your home
  • Improve Insulation and Check AC Filters

One tip I have to object to is that the article recommended window tint to be purchased at Home Depot.  Home Depot does sell various shades of DIY window film, but they are not brands used by window tinting professionals.  Home Depot window films greatly underperform professional grade window film in various heat rejection metrics by a fair degree.

TintCenter recommends that you either:

  • Get your home tint professionally installed by a licensed professional using quality window film
  • Use a DIY home tint service like SnapTint.com that cuts professional-grade window film to the exact sizes you need

Additionally, going DIY to install home tint can pay off big in 2009 with a 30% Federal Energy Tax Credit up to $1,500.  More details about the window tint tax creditDIY Home Tint from SnapTint.com.

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