Nanotech Car Tint Worth It?

This press release from SolarGard caught my eye today.  It was titled SolarGard Releases Nanotech-based Window Film for Cars that Blocks 99% of UV Rays. Although this sounds impressive, does it really mean that much?

What some people do not know is that most quality window films block 95+% of UV rays. Maybe the difference is performance?

It is stated that the SolarGard Ultra film can block up to half of solar energy.  The same can be said about SolarGard’s line of HP car tint as well.

Finally, it is not mentioned is that the SolarGard Ultra product costs 2-3 times the price of conventional film.

So is nano-tech window film worth the price?

TintCenter recommends against using nanotech for car tint, unless your state tint laws or personal preference require the tint to be very light rather than dark.

Comments (3)
  • Dave C

    It blocks approx 90% of IR heat. Bekaert doesn’t publish that performance stat because there’s not an agreed standard on how to publish stats relative to the IR spectrum. Some other IR films are very narrow in the spectrum, Bekaert covers a wide spectrum range with Ultra. The film is incredible and while the stats they publish make it seem like a “normal” performing film at a high price… it is actually a mind-blowing product, I sell it everyday and clients are ecstatic by its abilities. But the press release made it seem lame and pricey for no reason. I see where you were coming from.

  • Mike S

    IR is part of the difference, but the nano/carbon/ceramic films don’t interfere with the electronic signals built into a lot of the newer vehicles. Metalized films have had issues in the past with certain makes and models. Price isn’t the only difference. Article was pretty short and uninformative. Each customers needs and budgets are different, so go to a shop with a selection of products to choose from.

  • Jack

    Well actually it’s worth for the prices after read that it can block 95+% UV. But unlucky for me, laws in my country is not allowed people to install windows tint that darker than 60%, just wondering about percentage dark level of nanotech tint?

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