Staying Legal With Car Tint

An new report about legal window tint in Texas inspired some words of advice and thoughts.

The new law ,which goes into effect in September, says front window tint can be no lower then 35. “The lower the number the darker the tint,” explains Smith.

Often times, buyers of tint assumes that since the law requires 35 or above, they purchase 35 or above window tint.  Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case.  The glass itself also naturally reduces the amount of sunlight coming through, so it would be safest to go with 40% or above window tint.  More state tint laws from various states are available at

The new law doesn’t apply to the back windows and Smith says don’t be fooled by the color of a tint. “Some folks think darker tint is better at rejecting the sun.” Smith says that’s not always true. Thicker film cost more but can do a better job of keeping your car cool, and keeping it within the law.

This comment is correct; however, to be more specific.  You should ask for multi-layer hybrid or metallic window film.  Stay away from dyed film, and especially single-layer dyed film.  The window tint shop should be happy to tell you what type of window film they use.   If there is any hesitation, you should take caution.

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