Window Film as Mouse Pad


Ever had the problem of laser mice on a glass desktop?  The mouse just does not seem to track correctly with your hand movements.  Lifehacker presents a fun solution by applying just a little window film.  You can also cut the window film to any shape and size you wish.

Comments (2)
  • Mathew Valdez

    I had this same Issue at our Shop Here in Chandler Arizona. So I cut a Square out of Limo and Whala! it works Great. So we here at Classic Auto Shops are offering a Free Tint Square to anyone needing a mouse pad solution. Just come down or call us at 290 S. Arizona Ave Chandler AZ 85225 480-963-3616 os visit us at: and we will cut you a Free Square to Help you with this annoying issue! Great Article Thanks Tint Center!

  • qarizvintage

    is there any out there with a fairly priced tint. Preferably 60” by 100 feet