AOL Autos Recommends Window Tint

AOL Autos recently wrote up an article about ways to keep your car cool.

Window tinting is very effective in lowering interior temperatures. However, there are different rules regulating window tinting for every state. Some states prohibit tinting of the front windows so police officers can see into a vehicle during a traffic stop. Other states allow tinting, but the degree of tinting is defined, which varies from state to state. So before having your vehicle’s windows tinted, check with your state DMV to make sure you don’t break any laws.

It is nice to see that the effectiveness of window tint is starting to be realized by mainstream media.  Window tint is not just for the young and reckless who want to look cool, the criminals who have something to hide, or the celebrities protecting their privacy.  There is a very practical use to window tint to protect your own health from the heat and UV of the harsh sun.

It is true that each state has its own individual tint laws regarding what is legal and what is not.  Be sure to check out the tint laws in your state before you tint.

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  • Santa Rosa Window Tint

    It would be nice if California would change their tint law to let 35% be legal. It really isn’t dark enough to pose a threat to police. And it really helps with the temp. reducing.

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