Maine Tint Law Change

TintCenter tries to keep up to date with changes to state tint laws, but to be honest, it is quite hard to keep track of 50 states plus US territories all the time.  We missed a change that happened in Maine, which was pointed out by a R Harvey that resides most probably in Maine.

The Maine Tint Law originally required 50% VLT on all side and rear windows.  This new law revises the allowed darkness down to 35%.   Complete breakdown of the patchwork of laws that make up the enter Maine Tint law is available here.

Although we here at TintCenter honor the service of state and local police departments for their courage in service, we continue to believe that the dangers of over-exposure to sun and heat inside vehicles contribute to more human and animal deaths a year than the policemen killed due to a criminal pulling a gun in a tinted car.

Comments (2)
  • Janik

    Now if only Minnesota will follow suit and change their law as well!

    It is just ridiculous a car can only have 50% tint in the back windows, but an SUV can have whatever!

    50% just isn’t adequate! I got 2 tickets for 35% from the same officer, and now i have 50% and really notice the difference.

  • Joe Dugan

    Change the window tint laws in New York State NOW!!!