Sun Safety and Window Tint

Window Tint protects against the sun.

Sun safety should be practiced at all stages in life.  From infants to adults, it has been shown that your risk for skin cancer later in life increases in direct proportion to the amount of sun over-exposure.  Sun safety is especially important for infants and babies whose skin contain just a little melanin, the pigment in the skin that offers protection from the sun.  Without this added layer of protection, the child is much more susceptible to sub burns.  Parents should try to monitor exposure at all times whether the child is out in the open, in the car, or even at home near windows.

TPGonlinedaily has tips regarding child sun safety.  One tip recommends installing window tint on the windows in the car.  If you do not like the “Dark” look of window tintint, there is UV blocking film that is completely clear without any tint added.   These films do not have as good heat-rejection qualities as film with heavier tinting, but they do block 99% of UV radiation.   These clear UV window tint is available for purchase at

Of course, some exposure to sunlight does good to the body.  Your skin requires 10-15 minutes of sunlight every day for your body to  manufacture the a daily dose of vitamin D.  A natural source of vitamin D is cod liver oil which can be used to supplement your body’s protection.  Beyond this 10-15 minutes every day, practice sun safety with window film, sunblock, and your common sense.

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  • Lloyd Brown, HanitaTek

    Great article, right on the money. This is a very well done blog in total.
    While typical solar control films block 99% of UV radiation, Hanita’s clear UV Filter film blocks 99.8% of UV, while maintaining 87% light transmission in the visible range. In plain English, it means it’s a very clear film that blocks five times more UV than normal films. One fifth the UV exposure, greater fading protection. This is a great museum film, or perfect for people with high sensitivity to UV light.

  • Spokane Solar Solutions

    Very helpful information, thank you for sharing. There are many ways to stay safe and window filming your home or car is a good and safe idea depending where you live. Ask your local professional installers for the local law and restrictions. Be safe!

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  • samgibson4113

    I didn’t know that children could be exposed to harmful UV radiation inside car. It seems like installing “UV blocking film” to car windows would be a good idea. As a parent, I’m very mindful of putting on sunblock & protective clothing during the hot summer months. I never considered tinting my windows to protect them further. This seems like a great idea.