2011 SEMA Window Film Presenters


This year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show continues to be chock full of products, companies, and ideas that tickle the fancy of automotive enthusiasts and modders of all stripes and colors. Window film companies have traditionally attended this sprawling even in Las Vegas. From domestic companies reaching out to their base to foreign companies entering the US market with their products, we usually see a wide variety of window film products represented at the show.

We have the following companies coming to SEMA in 2011:

Domestic Window Film Companies
American Standard Window Film (ASWF) Booth 12611
API-Glory Chemical Booth 13019
ATC Film Corp Booth 12947
Global Window Films Booth 13025
International Window Film Association Booth 34235
Johnson Window Films Inc. Booth 12625
Luxo Window Films Booth 12683
Madico Window Films Booth 12327
NEXFIL USA Inc. Booth 12161
Scorpion Window Films Booth 12614
Solutia’s Performance Films Division Booth 12013
Sputter Technologies Booth 12741
SunControl and Armolan Window Films Booth 12071
SunTek Window Films Booth 12125
Window Film Magazine Booth 12729
Wintech Window Films Booth 12647
Xsun Window Films Booth 12540

International Window Film Companies
Changzhou Sanyou Dissan Booth 12680 from China
Filink Booth 13121 from Korea
Marko Tack Booth 12455 from Singapore
NANOFILM Co. Ltd. Booth 12510 from South Korea
NDFOS & NTECH Window Film Booth 13055 from South Korea
Poya-Tech Co. Ltd. Booth 13036 from Taiwan

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  • Anonymous

    I have been tinting for over 22 years, and never had the chance to attend one of these. I’d love to go (one day). Being that I’m Down Under, it’s not so easy.

    • admin

      Definitely encourage you to make the trip one year. This show blows all the others out of the water with the breadth of participation by fans, pros, and product manufacturers.

  • Avalostint

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