More reason to follow your local tint laws

Male police officer with crossed arms

The Edmonton Journal shared this little story on their online edition:

officers doing photo radar. They looked miserable, and rightly so because it was the Friday before Christmas, so I decided to spread some holiday cheer as I had a plate of homemade cookies.

I pulled onto the street the officers were pulling people over to when I was flagged over by an officer. I rolled down my window and said, “I wasn’t pulled over for speeding, I just wanted to give you and your fellow officers some cookies,” to which the con-stable replied, “Licence and registration please.”

I said, “Wait! I just wanted to give you some cookies!” That was when I was told, “I heard you. I’m giving you a (window) tint ticket.”

Yup, I pull over trying to do a good deed and one of Edmonton’s finest “Scrooges” me with a $115 window-tint ticket. Thank you, Edmonton Police Service. When you wonder why you have such a bad rep, this proves it’s warranted.

Neil Korpesio, Edmonton

Even more reason to follow your local tint laws carefully!  Police and law enforcement may not be in the mood these days.

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