Spring Cleaning and Decorating – Consider Decorative Window Film


As spring rolls around, the classic spring cleaning tendencies start to kick in for many homeowners.  Maybe it is the winter season spent cooped up primarily indoors makes us yearn for a change, however small, within our homes.  There are many affordable small projects that give a home decoration a small kick in the pants!  This article by Mail Online gives a spring makeover idea list:

  • New paint job
  • New pictures and frames
  • Covers and trims for furniture
  • Use decorative window film
  • Self adhesive large wall stickers

We definitely agree that use of decorative film inside a house can bring a professional spa or hotel feeling to your plain rooms.  Some uses of decorative films are:

  • add privacy to glass
  • add fun and flair to bathroom sliding glass
  • reduce glare and add color to a room

With so many different types of frosts, textures, colors, and patterns to decorative film, it is really up to your imagination that limits what can be done.  Here are a couple of resource sites to consider when starting to explore the world of decorative window film.

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