Minnesota Tinters Association Seek to Change MN Tint Laws


One of the most restrictive states in regards to window tint regulations is Minnesota.  Whereas, most states allow window tint to be under 50% in VLT, residents of MN are required to have over 50% VLT car tint on all windows of sedans.  Even SUVs and Vans need to maintain 50% on their front windows, but they can have darker tint in the rear.

This 50% restriction sounds like it is doable, but this is measured on a NET basis, meaning that the glass and the tint combined must allow 50% or more of light through.  With factory glass at 80% VLT already, adding a 70% VLT window film (premium ceramic film), would be dangerously close to failing the 50% threshold test.  On top of that, the cost for the window tint would easily add hundreds more in cost for the premium ceramic window film installations.

Window Film Mag reports that the Minnesota Window Film Association (MNWFA) is attempting to fight the current law.  This MNWFA advocates the law be be more lenient citing that many window tint shops and owners have been driven to conduct their business underground or in another state.  MNWFA is looking for donations to help their cause and for people to sign their online petition seeking 35% VLT Car tint limits for Minnesota.

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