New Energy Study Shows Home Tint Effectiveness


IWFA recently published a new window film study comparing window tint energy saving performance against other investments like air conditioning replacement, stucco installation, wall and roof insulation.  The study also took each of these possible energy efficiency projects and examined them in different Californian environments:

  • Northern Bay Area – moderate climate
  • San Diego – coastal climate
  • Riverside – inland climate
  • Sacrament0 – Central Valley climate

Home tint easily took the the prize as the #1 most energy saving home improvement investment for existing homes and offices.  Whether you have single pane or double pane windows currently, installing window tint achieves between 16-37% annual ROI (return on investment), so your window tint installation completely pays for itself between 2.7 and 6 years.

This study uses window film pricing of $4-$9 as the cost per square foot.  If DIY window film is purchased from us at our TC window tint store or from SnapTint DIY Home Tint, this cost would be halved to $2-$4 per square foot of film for professional grade film.  ROI time periods would correspondingly be halved from 2.7-6 years to 1.4-3 years.  If only our investments in the stock market have this good of an investment profile!

It is unsurprising to those people that have window tint installed in their homes the heat and livability difference that home tint makes.   So it is also unsurprising that the results of the study show that window tint should be the #1 energy saving investment for your home.

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