Study finds Home Tint is must have Product


The recent IWFA window film study hits the nail on the head.   TintCenter covered the release a little while ago in this home tint article from almost 2 weeks back.   The study itself compares home tint performance against other home energy products across multiple dimensions:

  • existing homes and new construction
  • geographical regions and climates
  • single pane, double pane, different types of glass

Since the study initially come out, we are heartened to see many online news outlets recognize this story is something significant to share with their readers.

  1. Energy Boom
  2. The Energy Collective
  3. Democratic Underground: An Energy Savings Superhero
  4. Window Film Magazine
  5. Market Watch - New Report Points to Window Film as the Most Cost Effective Solution for Energy Savings and Reducing Carbon Footprint
  6. AZO Build - Window Film – Most Cost Effective Solution to Save Energy
  7. Fierce Energy - 70% ROI found in unlikely 

Kudos to the IWFA for releasing this report for raising the consciousness of the public to the benefits of window film and home tint.

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  • Cadillac Auto Glass

    Currently, window tints are widely used and readily available in stores and on the internet. Although they are increasingly popular, window tints are by no-means a new invention; they have been around for years. Many window tinting stores have customized tint kits allowing easy installation to any size or shaped window.