UV Radiation through Windows


A recent article highlighted a dilemma with assessing risk to everyday actions in regards to sun-related health and safety.  On one hand, if every chance is taken to reduce exposure to UV-A and UV-B radiation, you will be sitting indoors or in the dark.  On the other hand, blindly ignoring solar radiation’s effect on aging and skin cancer seems dangerous.  Where is the balance?

The writer at the Palm Beach Daily News explores this spectrum of actions one can take to reduce UV exposure and helps share important facts that should be the basis to make your own decision:

  • windows without tint block only UV-B
  • windows with window tint block both UV-A and UV-B
  • UV-A causes premature skin aging and skin cancer

Although the writer clearly disagrees with avoiding the window seat at restaurants, TintCenter thinks it is the personal choice of every person to make their own decision once they are given the proper sun health and safety facts.   A reasonable recommendation would be to try to limit UV exposure in the actions you do the most every day.  If you spend 2 hours every day in front of a window reading books/studying, make sure that window has been tinted with window film.  If you spend 2 hours commuting to work in traffic each day, make sure car tint has been applied to your vehicle.

Good luck and health to all from TC.


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