Window Film Gaining Popularity


The recent IWFA energy study that comprehensively evaluates window film performance against other energy products from existing and new homes is a real hit.  I am seeing that multiple larger eco-conscious or “green” sites featuring this study in their blog posts.  One of the heavier hitting eco sites is Clean Technica, part of a larger blogging family, featured the window film study stating:

International Window Film Association (IWFA) — yeah, I didn’t realize that existed — reported last week that “a comprehensive analysis of window film found it to be the most cost-effective energy saving choice for Californians when used in retrofit applications on homes and buildings.” Interesting.  Source: Clean Technica (

To the outside world, window film doesn’t even start to enter into the coversation, much less have an association dedicated to promoting the industry.  Nice to see the IWFA making inroads on that problem.

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