Window Tint Shop Marketing – Word of Mouth


There are many tools to getting the word out about your window tint business.  The standard and easiest way to by word of mouth.  Let your existing customers (hopefully happy) talk for you.   The word spreads, and your business reputation rises.  Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword, and an unhappy tint customer can also cause a lot of damage to your reputation.

Especially in this age of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, a single unhappy customer’s voice can be amplified to incredible levels.  A single idea that goes viral can generate a million other people knowing about it within days to a week.  Damage to reputation of a tint shop can be quite substantial, and maybe cannot be salvaged after a fiasco like this.

Unfortunately the nature of the society we live in is that negative news travels faster than positive news.  So even if your shop has 4 happy customers for every 1 unhappy customers, this ratio can still cause lasting damage to your online and offline reputations.  What can be done?  Treat all customers beyond fair from window film pricing, products, and in resolving issues.  Always be accessible to the customer to report feedback and service issues.  Often times it is resolving issues, but every so often, a customer would come up with a brilliant idea that you may not have thought of.


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