SolarGard UltraGard UV Film

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Newly released SolarGard UltraGard is a clear 89% light transmitting film that blocs 99% of both UV-A and UV-B.  Normal glass windows does not block UV-B, and a portion of UV-A.  Unfortunately, it has been shown that regular exposures to both types of ultraviolet radiation can lead to increased risk of skin cancer.  This causes situations where you are at risk in your daily commute to work or curling up in front of a window reading your favorite books.

Almost all SolarGard window tint products are fully 99% UV rejection.  UltraGard is different in that there is no shade to the film at all.  No matter what the tint laws of your state, you can install this film without any fear of being pulled over for tint that is too dark.  It is nice to see a window film product that addresses new customer needs.  In this case, it is the average concerned citizen that wants UV protection without the need for heat rejection or enhanced privacy.

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