Indians React Negatively to Indian Car Tint Law


As the new Indian Car Tint Law comes to effect across the giant nation of India, the implementation of the law seems to be gradual.  There are reports of waiving initial fines, post-poning the start day of the law, as well as other mitigating options to give time to the local law enforcement to enforce on the new law.

To those that recognize and enjoy the benefits of window tint, there some online reactions are quite negative against the proposed law.  Some netizens of India question the tint  law from multiple angles.

SC (Indian Supreme Court) and police is trying to cover its lack in dealing with criminals by enforcing ban on films , how can they disallow every percentage crieteria just like that , they dont have to deal with the summers , our SC is not dealing with much more improtant issue such as increasing the punishment for criminal or directing police to be extra vigilent , so much of task force and resources( which are actually incurred from our pocket) will be wasted in this exercise , again there will be cases involving such crimes and our police - Ran

Other comments ask why the law is so draconian.  Rather than merely setting limits, the law outright bans even 70% VLT film from being installed!

I dont know why not 50% film was not allowed when police can see inside the car comfortably and pepole were saving fuel while running a.c.and now wasting more fuel while running a.c. without film when fuel prices are so high.Please think over it. – Nirmal Singh

It is quite disconcerting to see large societal entities, such as the Indian Government, uniformly ban all car tinting without developing a more nuanced law that removes the bad and keep the good that exists in every industry.

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