TintCenter.com Takes Position on New Indian Tinting Law

Castro Valley, CA — (SBWIRE) — 05/21/2012 – As a leading online resource for the window tinting industry,TintCenter.com strives to keep consumers abreast of laws regarding auto window tinting across the U.S. As such, they decided it was important to address new regulations taking hold in India as a reminder of what could happen here.

The issue in India relates to a case brought before that country’s Supreme Court regarding the possibility of illegal activity taking place inside vehicles which could not be seen by police officers or others who might be harmed by it. The Indian Supreme Court ruled earlier this year to set in place a nationwide ban on all window tinting of motor vehicles except for what’s done by car makers in the factory. In other words, as of May 4th 2012 all after-market tinting in India is illegal.

In the United States there is no such nationwide ban. In fact, there is no nationwide standard for window tinting at all. Each state has jurisdiction in this area as motor vehicle law has always been the domain of the individual states. TintCenter.com takes no official stance on whether or not the United States needs national tinting regulation; their only position is that any regulations should be designed only to standardize the industry, not shut it down.

Standardization would benefit tint shops in allowing them to stay in business, while also benefiting customers by continuing to provide protection against harmful UV rays. Standardization could also set parameters for window tinting that would still allow for the safety of law enforcement personnel without harming the industry.

TintCenter.com points out that the highly fractured nature of U.S. motor vehicle law means that tinting regulations in each state can vary widely. Vehicle owners wishing to apply after-market tinting need to check their state regulations to find out what is allowed. Furthermore, tinting shops must be very careful to know the law so they are not doing business in violation of it. To that end TintCenter.com provides a complete list of individual state regulations on their website. Consumers and shop owners are encouraged to find the information they need by visiting: http://www.tintcenter.com/laws/

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  • Ryan

    The reasoning behind the argument that tint is a danger to police is flawed. The police cannot see into a Semi truck window to make sure there is no illegal activity going on. What about the folks who jack their trucks up really high, can you see in those? The police are trained to approach EVERY car with caution, you don’t use less caution just because the windows are not tinted. let people tint there windows as they see fit but still allows for safety for the drivers around him and himself, like at night and such.

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