Sun Damage to Face for Drivers

sun damage to left side of face

As reported before by TintCenter and many other health blogs and news sites, considerable sun damage is a real danger to commuters. Often times people are stuck in traffic jams during commutes, and a quick 25 mile commute turns into an hour long trip, your sun exposure inside the car is for the entire hour.

Gizmodo published an article an photo of skin damage to a truck driver that clearly demonstrates the long term health risk. Aside from the big skin cancer risk, we have a multitude of other conditions exhibited, as diagnosed by a doctor:

  • hyperkeratosis
  • multiple open comedones
  • areas of nodular elastosis
  • formation of milia within the vellus hair follicles
  • dermatoheliosis
  • thickening of the epidermis

It is quite sad to see things like this happen, when window film products are so widely available that completely solve the issue with 99% UV blocking window film!

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