Announcing the Brand through the Window


When it is reduced to its core definition, marketing is the use of words and images to first get a person’s notice and then plant a desire to buy something. Companies will spend enormous amounts of money in advertising, and some will have large window showcases where people can see what is being offered. That’s great if a company can afford the space and upkeep of a large picture window. Some can’t, but that really doesn’t have to be a great problem. The right kind of window film can do the job of displaying the brand in a very small space.

That last point is worth a serious look. Window decals and digital graphics on window film can allow a small company to maximize every inch of its window space. These images can engage potential customers right on the street, and highlight the brand to pedestrian traffic (even more exposure comes to those storefronts near traffic lights, where a stop sign causes the motors to pause). Window film also has superior advantages when used inside of a store. Rather than have cardboard point-of-purchase installations to promote a product, window film on the glass displays can conserve space and also alert the customer to a bargain. What is really nice about window film is that it is very easy to dispose of. A retail outlet can have a certain window film for a given sale, get rid of it once the sale is over, and not have to worry about taking down signs or washing paint off any glass. Such advertising efficiency for a small space makes the window film products almost irresistible.

A company’s brand is also reflected in the atmosphere and mood of the product or service. Here’s where window film can also promote the brand, albeit indirectly. The proper use of window film inside a retail store creates the ambience the store owner may be looking for. This could be glass tinted a special color to generate the proper mood (e.g. green is a restful color suited for comfortable cushions while red is an action color that’s just right for sporting goods). As with the outdoors, the window film can have displays of the product graphics for the interior of the shop and once again give visual promotion. It’s entirely up to the imagination of a given establishment, but one could even have window film displaying various entrées at a restaurant.

Maximizing the marketing and product branding of the space is the greatest benefit that window film can give any small company. There are of course other benefits such as energy efficiency and privacy, and these are the frosting on the cake. Getting public notice doesn’t always require expensive print media or television commercials. Sometimes, strategically placed window film with the right image at right message can do the same job. Best of all, the message and the image can stay there for extended periods of time a low-cost; something neither print or television will guarantee.

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