Cataracts and Ultra Violet Light


The march of time does more than simply slow a person down. As a person matures with age vision can become a problem. Cataracts forming over the lens of the eye can cause vision to become cloudy and require surgery for these obstacles to be removed. Ultraviolet light is a primary culprit in the formation of cataracts, and senior citizens are advised to have sunglasses with them when they go outdoors to obstruct these damaging rays. It’s all part of sensible healthcare prevention.

That’s good advice but there still remains a problem. Those ultraviolet rays that have the greatest potential of causing cataracts are known as UVA rays. The Environmental Protection Agency reports a UV Index every day to warn people of high levels of ultraviolet rays. Naturally, people wear sunglasses to minimize the exposure of their eyes to the sun but a challenge occurs when normal living behavior puts a person at risk indoors. Modern technologies are making it increasingly more convenient for people to spend even longer periods of time in their house. Ultraviolet lights rays can pass through unprotected glass and the glare can have a serious impact on a person’s eyes. This means that it’s very possible for a person to be exposed to UVA rays and the potential formation of cataracts even inside of the home. The consequence is that senior citizens are possibly exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays even though they feel they are perfectly safe.

Window film can be a very effective deterrent to ultraviolet rays. It is estimated that good window film will block as much as   99 % of ultraviolet rays, which is the same degree of protection recommended for sunglasses, without significantly decreasing the light coming in. The protection that this gives to senior citizens cannot be understated. The window film acts like the protective shielding of sunglasses. With window film on the glass, senior citizens can spend more of their time in the comfort of their home without running major risks with their sight.

Protection is extremely important after a person has undergone cataract surgery, even to the point of always wearing sunglasses outdoors during the period of recovery. Window film allows this vision protection to continue when the recuperating patient is inside. It serves to reduce glare and also protects the surface of the eyes that are still adjusting to better vision. Perhaps the best way to imagine window film is if windows were large sunglasses. The same kind of protection afforded by those totally fashionable shades is given by the film. Yes, it’s sad to say window film is probably not going to make anybody look like a fashionista. Yet what it will do is allow a person to look out at the beautiful world without having that vision obstructed by cataracts.


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