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Honest people truly enjoy the privacy that tinted car windows can provide but so do criminals. It is sad to note, but stuff that should be as harmless darkened windowpanes have become a concern for law enforcement officials. This is because the privacy afforded by the tinted glass can hide some very serious criminal dealings. The problem has grown to the point where in foreign countries, notably India; major restrictions are being placed on the use of window film on

There is no argument that window film is an exceedingly good conserver of energy in the home or office. The ability to block sunlight from coming in and retaining heat inside the space allows window film to be a fairly inexpensive means of keeping energy costs down. There is a second reason that a homeowner or office manager should keep in mind about window tint. It shields the body from considerable damage that can be caused by the sun’s ultraviolet

We talk a lot about energy efficiency and ways to save energy, but what about ways to save our human energy? While there are many ways to save our own energy one of the most fruitful ways is through good time management.  In the broadest sense, managing our time wisely not only helps us to prioritize where and when our energy is going to be spent but also actually can decrease our carbon footprint.

Just as our home, business and

Most of us enjoy a good sunbath now and then, and even our doctors recommend a short dose daily. Did you know, however, that our bodies crave one kind of light in particular?  Our bodies need light from the blue part of the color spectrum. This is one reason why sitting out in the sun makes you feel better than if you sit in sunlight coming through most window glass on the market today.  Upon closer examination, sitting out in

When Warren Buffet takes interest, so does much of the financial world. Mid-American Energy is a Berkshire Hathaway company, of which Buffet is the CEO. Buffet revealed his growing interest in securing long term investment in renewable energy through the Hathaway owned, Mid-American Energy. Mid-American has ventured into this industry in the past, but they just announced their purchase of Sun Power, primarily based on two future solar projects yet to be built.

Sun Power is a French owned company.

There is a lot of talk about replacing fossil fuel use with other forms of renewable energy. The discussion, though worthy of discourse, has become somewhat simplistic in the process. Fossil fuels out today and wind power in tomorrow; fossil fuels out today and solar panels in tomorrow. Of course, if the answers were that simple, we wouldn’t need so much discussion, would we?

Unfortunately, these conversations become cloaked in politics and partisan points of view. There are few sources that

Since the recession came to town a few years back, residential architects have report mixed messages in the last two years as to what homeowners are looking for in residential design features. While there is an interest in energy savings among those wanting new homes, financial challenges remain the largest single hurdle to utilizing some of these innovations in new home construction.

You can almost guess some of the trends dating back to early 2011. Smaller sized homes probably top the

The concept of “eco-tourism” has evolved into sustainable tourism. There are ways today to be a responsible tourist by helping to alleviate the stress on our planet’s remaining biological habitats and unique cultures. Sustainable tourism is really an equal relationship between those that manage destinations like hotels and those of us that go to visit them.

In the early 1980’s, the concept of “eco-tourism” was introduced. This term generally refers to travel in fragile or pristine habitats, where a small human

These ideas have been around for awhile now but it is surprising how many of us don’t practice them. All have been proven to save real dollars. True, this type of savings is measured in hundreds and not thousands. Considering these are free or very low cost tips, no one can scoff at a few hundred dollars these days.  If we all did them, these small changes would go a long way towards healing our planet.

Here in North America it’s

Admittedly, it isn’t quite that easy to make thin film and the method using microwave technology is still in its infancy, most recently at the University of Texas, Austin. You may be asking yourself, what is thin film and why do we care if it is made using atoms and microwaves?

The simplest example of thin film in use in your own home today is on the bathroom mirror. A thin film of metal coating is applied to one side