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Window film always has had a reputation for being an energy-efficient addition to the decor of any home. Its value as a means of blocking ultraviolet rays and protecting eyes has also been touted by optometrists and other doctors. Window film has artistic value to it. Its colors and shapes can add eye catching detail to ordinary window glass. Window film in the form of geometric figures can create arresting pieces of visual artistic display.

Geometry is no stranger to the

It is a tough business world and companies have to compete for the attention of the consuming public. This can result in an awful lot of money spent on media advertisements and promotions to draw the eye. A small business may not have an awful lot of capital to spend on television exposure but that doesn’t mean it can’t get notice. A way to broadcast corporate logos is to use window film.

This can be a very good marketing device.

Glass is everywhere. It’s an indispensable part of the modern world; integrated and infused into our lives and technologies. In modern society, glass is mostly functional. We come in contact with it every day; take a drink of water, dial your cell phone, tap your iPad, or simply look out the window.

Modern glass was born in the Roman glassmaking center at Trier in Gaul (modern Germany). Glass was so highly prized by the Romans that when one unlucky slave broke

When it is reduced to its core definition, marketing is the use of words and images to first get a person’s notice and then plant a desire to buy something. Companies will spend enormous amounts of money in advertising, and some will have large window showcases where people can see what is being offered. That’s great if a company can afford the space and upkeep of a large picture window. Some can’t, but that really doesn’t have to be a

Window film has always been celebrated as a highly practical means of conserving energy in a building. Its ability to retain heat in the winter and deflect hot solar rays in the summer has made it a product in high demand. There are certainly other uses as well. In fact, there is an artistic quality to certain films that make them aesthetically appealing.

The styles can be flowers or animals for children and even more dramatic ones for business or more

Is it possible to save home energy bills by decorating? Yes, in fact, there are a number of ways that some smart decorating can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Of course, there are major construction designs that can be implemented to gain optimum energy efficiency when building a home.

What if your home is already built? Here are a few suggestions that are based on interior decorating. Some may require more financial investment while others have very

People enjoy their privacy and it’s not because they are paranoid. Rather, it is a desire that domestic activity remained intimate and not open to the prying view of public scrutiny. This is why homeowners will invest in building privacy fences to surround the property. This urge to be sheltered from the outside world often results in row on row of rather drab looking planks of wood in need of a paint job. A wooden privacy fence by the way

DIY folks are not content with just using old-fashioned notions and ways of doing things. They’re willing to experiment a little bit and try things that are radically new and potentially beneficial. The time-honored tradition of flooring work is to use hardwood but that is not only expensive, it can be harmful to the environment. Hardwood trees are necessary to cut down on carbon pollution and maintain the biosphere, and something that is renewable would a better choice. The environmentally

Vehicle wraps have risen to become a fixture in advertising.  When the first vehicles were wrapped, they were oddities often gawked at, drawing the attention due to its sheer novelty.  As wraps migrated from bus, to cars, and now trains, vehicle wraps that serve as advertising space can be found virtually in all forms of transportation.

Recently, I was shown an Eva Airlines’ special Hello Kitty airplane.  To those of you that don’t know, Hello Kitty is a iconic cartoon-like

As spring rolls around, the classic spring cleaning tendencies start to kick in for many homeowners.  Maybe it is the winter season spent cooped up primarily indoors makes us yearn for a change, however small, within our homes.  There are many affordable small projects that give a home decoration a small kick in the pants!  This article by Mail Online gives a spring makeover idea list:

New paint job
New pictures and frames
Covers and trims for furniture
Use decorative window film
Self adhesive