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The IFWA issues a recent press release to highlight the importance of home tint even during the winter months.  The usual positive benefits of thermal insulation provided by Low-E winter window film was not the focus.  Additional benefits cited were:

“People in northern states may not know that because of the low angle of the winter sun, more ultraviolet rays may come through a window into the living space than in the summer in

Here is an interesting visualization tool that allows you to map a site’s users onto a global map. This effectively gives you a snapshot of all the people coming to this window tint resource site right now.

The majority of users of this site are window tint consumers rather than window tinting professionals, so this visualization is also an image of the window tint consumers that are online right now.

Real time information and live statistics are also available at

3M is expanding our conception of what window film is by embedding flexible solar panels inside of window film. The combination of products is touted to not only block heat, but also generate enough electricity in 1 square meter to charge an iPhone in peak sunlight. This window film has low reflectivity, but high solar absorptance to maximize the electricity generated.

Although in concept this is clearly a product of the future, the product specifications now do not seem to

The 2011 SEMA show concluded last week. Car enthusiast blogs as well as professional trade magazines like Window Film Mag are catching up and getting their thoughts and opinions posted. One series of videos that were especially helpful were these from the “FILM’d” series hosted by editor Katie Hodge which highlights the thoughts of many industry players from manufacturers to dealers with their thoughts on window film product lines to general comments about surviving in this economy.

More Videos available

It is worth reminding during winter season that drafts from windows and doors are some of the biggest enemies of winter energy efficiency. There are many plastic window film products that are dummy-proof to install are window insulation kits. Here is a great video that demonstrates the installation process:

These plastic insulating film products are available at your local hardware store or from online vendors like SnapTint at their Winter Window Films product section.

One of our readers shared this story with us of a girl with a rare genetic condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum that occurs in 1 in 1 million people. When exposed to UV light, her skin quickly burns. A brief 2 minute exposure to the sun would result in third degree burns. With conditions like this, it becomes quite hard to have a normal life. Car, Home, and even clothing need to contain window tint to shield

Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation developed a novel transparent window film featuring the industry’s highest-level thermal insulation along with solar heat rejection, which allows users to achieve energy savings year-round, the company announced today. When applied to glass windows, this film product rejects approximately 40% of solar heat as well as 99% of UV, so that cooling load would be greatly reduced in summer. Moreover, the product’s unique feature is that it can reduce heat flow

Kudos for for the educational marketing campaign by Evolution Window Films of Welland, Canada.  The owner installed window film for free for a class of Grade 3 students at a local elementary school.  In one stroke, he is protecting kids from heat and UV coming in from western-facing windows.

The education for the kids doesn’t stop here!  Evolution Films supplied students with thermometers prior to installation to measure temperatures on surfaces in the room.  Now the students can compare the

It is always good to see that other blogs, especially one as highly regarded as Treehugger, agree with your assessments.  In a previous article titled, New AC Unit vs Window Tint, we determined that window tint is much more affordable an better ROI (return on investment) than both a replacement AC or replacement windows.

At more than $5k for a new central AC unit or over $250 per replacement window, window film easily becomes the most economical choice at

Watching the news last night, there was a funny report regarding an elevated park in Manhattan that put pedestrians at eye level with some floor to ceiling hotel windows. The problem being that exhibitionist hotel guests may accidentally or intentionally put on a show for all to see!

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