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Excellent survey run by Ross Kehl over at Window Film Magazine asking the question of what type of solution is used by window tinters.  The responses to the survey were enough to draw a real conclusion.  The results were not surprisingly, Baby Shampoo being #1 as the go to solution for professional tinters.

What soap/solution do you use for film installation?
Baby Shampoo


Joy Dish Detergent


Ajax Dish Detergent


Other (enter response in comment box below)



Showing his in-depth knowledge, Ross goes further and explains

We like to highlight news stories that bring stories of window tint shops starting out and succeeding.  Here is a story from Sophia, WV about Kevin McKinney, the owner of Pro Tint Motorsports from the Register Herald.

His grandparents, Red and Elva, gave him $25 a week for allowance and when he started driving, he began mowing lawns for extra cash.

McKinney knew where he could get a good deal on long sheets of window tinting, so he saved his money

The window film manufacturers continue to innovate and bring more value to their dealers.  SolarGard is leading the charge in this new area of bringing window film estimation tools to your mobile devices like the Apple iPad and iPhone.  Instead of pulling out your large laptop, and waiting for it to boot-up during a discussion with a client while making awkward small talk as your wait, the SolarGard mobile application allows you to instantly whip out your iPhone or

There are many tools to getting the word out about your window tint business.  The standard and easiest way to by word of mouth.  Let your existing customers (hopefully happy) talk for you.   The word spreads, and your business reputation rises.  Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword, and an unhappy tint customer can also cause a lot of damage to your reputation.

Especially in this age of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, a single unhappy customer’s voice can

A new loyalty program has been unveiled for SolarGard brand tint shops. Similar to air miles for airlines where repeat customers can accrue miles flown in exchange for flight upgrades or car rentals, SolarGard wants to reward its loyal tint dealers that have been with them.

Each dollar spent with SolarGard on film products, electronic computer-cut access, marketing support, or equipment fee earn a point for each dollar spent. SolarGard Dealer Points accrued can be redeemed for travel, electronics, books,

Excellent tinting article written by Jared Diamond from Dealer Marketing Magazine, which helps auto dealers with marketing advice.  With increased amounts of options for marketing from print, magazines, tradeshows, tv, radio, internet, what is the most effective for your business?  It is a tough question to tackle, and much of the advice for car dealers also apply to tint shops.  Some excerpts from the article that tint shops should keep in mind are:

Before advising your client to zone

The “Starting a Window Tint Shop” series will explore the many facets of a window tinting business topic by topic to help new window tinters or old tinting pros understand the business side of window tinting and start their own tint shop. Window tinting is an art as much as a science, so nobody should ever claim to have all the answers. That being said, TintCenter has been an online resource for window tinting consumers for almost a decade. We