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SPI, a Korean window film manufacturer, introduces a new line of film called the ‘S9P Series’. This series of window film boasts 99% UV and 98% infrared rejection, which pretty maximizes the performance of the films in the ultra-clear nano/ceramic categories. The film itself is pretty comparable with similar category films offered the leading US window film manufacturers. What was interesting was the way SPI broke down the generations of window film technology.

First Generation Films – Dark privacy oriented

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is part of the Department of Energy. They recently released a 22 page report comparing traditional commercial buildings to “green” federal buildings. The findings were not surprising as many studies confirm similar results:

“To measure green building performance you must look at the building holistically, which includes the occupants and maintenance impacts in addition to the commonly targeted energy and water use,” said Kim Fowler, a senior research engineer and buildings relationship manager at

It is always nice to see the window film industry getting stronger. In these turbulent economic times, window film companies from manufacturers to tint shops can feel tossed around like ships in the storm.

Positive window tint industry news brings some calm to a restless and turbulent market. This week Commonwealth Laminating of Martinsville, VA, maker of SunTek Window Films, announced an expansion of 40 additional jobs.

Earlier this quarter, Solutia reported

A Courier Jounal of  Louisville, KY had a recent article explains the classic misunderstanding in window film warranty policy between a car tint shop and a buyer.  The buyer states in his complaint:

On Jan. 9, 2006, I had the windows on my newly purchased car tinted at Auto-Sound on Rockford Lane. I was given documents that stated the job came with a lifetime warranty. I was very well satisfied with the tinting until this past summer when a bubbling

Here is an interesting visualization tool that allows you to map a site’s users onto a global map. This effectively gives you a snapshot of all the people coming to this window tint resource site right now.

The majority of users of this site are window tint consumers rather than window tinting professionals, so this visualization is also an image of the window tint consumers that are online right now.

Real time information and live statistics are also available at

From Solutia earnings conference call for Q3 2011. On this call were Jeff Quinn, Solutia’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer; Mike Donnelly, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; and Jim Sullivan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Quick summary is that domestic window film sales are mostly flat. Growth driven by adoption of window films in high end markets in China. Solutia sees SouthWall acquisition as important step to continue this market development.

Here are

Contra Vision, a product and solutions provider of perforated and non-perforated window films, announced winners of their prestigious 3rd International Wrap Artists Competition at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Expo. For those of you that are not familiar with this sister-industry of solar control window films, film wraps are used in not only commercial storefronts but also to decorate entire vehicles from small cars to large trucks and buses with a branding message for companies, movies,

Kudos for for the educational marketing campaign by Evolution Window Films of Welland, Canada.  The owner installed window film for free for a class of Grade 3 students at a local elementary school.  In one stroke, he is protecting kids from heat and UV coming in from western-facing windows.

The education for the kids doesn’t stop here!  Evolution Films supplied students with thermometers prior to installation to measure temperatures on surfaces in the room.  Now the students can compare the

Whether the window film industry likes it or not, the consumers increasingly sees window film as part of the green product movement.  They are reacting to the energy saving qualities of window film more than the aesthetic qualities, and the window film industry should embrace this opportunity.

It is nice to see Beakeart Films (SolarGard) join Huper Optik in making the manufacturing of window film a greener industrial process.  Excerpt from the official press release.

Bekaert Specialty Films established an Environmental Management

Watching the news last night, there was a funny report regarding an elevated park in Manhattan that put pedestrians at eye level with some floor to ceiling hotel windows. The problem being that exhibitionist hotel guests may accidentally or intentionally put on a show for all to see!

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