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The march of time does more than simply slow a person down. As a person matures with age vision can become a problem. Cataracts forming over the lens of the eye can cause vision to become cloudy and require surgery for these obstacles to be removed. Ultraviolet light is a primary culprit in the formation of cataracts, and senior citizens are advised to have sunglasses with them when they go outdoors to obstruct these damaging rays. It’s all part

How do we expose a generation brought up on video games and sophisticated special effects to a home of the future that is optimistic, eco-friendly and viable? We can look to the past to see how well our parents predicted homes of the future.

A syndicated news article released in 1954 extolled the  virtues of the “house of the future,” featuring such oddities as nickel size gas burners, refrigerators that preserved food through gamma radiation instead of cold temperature, wireless electric

Organically grown vegetables or exotics like orchids can be produced year round by gardeners willing to make a minimal investment in a backyard greenhouse.  Innovative do-it-yourselfers can use salvaged materials combined with cutting edge solar films to produce tomatoes, squash, herbs and greens, even during the winter months. It is remarkable how a small space can reap big benefits.

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing greenhouses can be built by acquiring discarded French doors and windows from salvage yards. 

“So what is the problem with carbon dioxide? We exhale it all the time?” You have probably heard these phrases over and over again. It’s certainly true that humans and animals exhale CO2 into the atmosphere constantly and plants use carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process. The problem occurs when other environmental conflicts combine to raise CO2 to dangerously high levels. Carbon dioxide does not dissipate quickly enough to offset its’ rise in our atmosphere. Excessive amounts of CO2 is

There is no argument that window film is an exceedingly good conserver of energy in the home or office. The ability to block sunlight from coming in and retaining heat inside the space allows window film to be a fairly inexpensive means of keeping energy costs down. There is a second reason that a homeowner or office manager should keep in mind about window tint. It shields the body from considerable damage that can be caused by the sun’s ultraviolet

We talk a lot about energy efficiency and ways to save energy, but what about ways to save our human energy? While there are many ways to save our own energy one of the most fruitful ways is through good time management.  In the broadest sense, managing our time wisely not only helps us to prioritize where and when our energy is going to be spent but also actually can decrease our carbon footprint.

Just as our home, business and

Most of us enjoy a good sunbath now and then, and even our doctors recommend a short dose daily. Did you know, however, that our bodies crave one kind of light in particular?  Our bodies need light from the blue part of the color spectrum. This is one reason why sitting out in the sun makes you feel better than if you sit in sunlight coming through most window glass on the market today.  Upon closer examination, sitting out in

There finally comes the time when a committed environmentalist takes the big step and turns to solar power as the home energy source. This is not a move to be taken lightly but it is one that can generate benefits as well as comfortable heat.

Solar panels can be a do-it-yourself job and there are kits available for the amateur to work with. Yet, as with any sizable home renovation, it is essential to do a little bit of preliminary investigation

The cowboy rides up to the crest of a hill overlooking some of the vast acreage his ranch encompasses. He wants to take a good look at his assets. It is not cows he is looking at, but rather miles of wind turbines. Travel west of San Antonio, Texas and as you near the far west border with New Mexico, you will see miles of these white giants silhouetted against deep blue skies. When cowboys see the future and grasp

Is it possible to save home energy bills by decorating? Yes, in fact, there are a number of ways that some smart decorating can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Of course, there are major construction designs that can be implemented to gain optimum energy efficiency when building a home.

What if your home is already built? Here are a few suggestions that are based on interior decorating. Some may require more financial investment while others have very