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People enjoy their privacy and it’s not because they are paranoid. Rather, it is a desire that domestic activity remained intimate and not open to the prying view of public scrutiny. This is why homeowners will invest in building privacy fences to surround the property. This urge to be sheltered from the outside world often results in row on row of rather drab looking planks of wood in need of a paint job. A wooden privacy fence by the way

Just about 100 years ago the “vacuum flask” was first manufactured by two German glassblowers. By 1911, machines were making glass fillers for flasks.  Many of us know this product today by its brand name, Thermos. This simple, yet revolutionary concept was designed to reduce the heat transfer process.

If you think back to high school science, you may recall that in order to affect the heat transfer process you must slow down conduction, radiation and convection.  Thermos products do this

DIY folks are not content with just using old-fashioned notions and ways of doing things. They’re willing to experiment a little bit and try things that are radically new and potentially beneficial. The time-honored tradition of flooring work is to use hardwood but that is not only expensive, it can be harmful to the environment. Hardwood trees are necessary to cut down on carbon pollution and maintain the biosphere, and something that is renewable would a better choice. The environmentally

Reducing levels of carbon emissions has to be more than just an opinion. Society will literally choke in a fog of chat if nothing is done by individuals. While it is true that large corporations need to do a lot of the heavy lifting, it is at the local micro – level where a lot of positive steps can be made to reduce the size of the carbon footprint we leave behind. It does take a commitment to making positive

Seeing a car driving by with tinted windows conjures up a number of images. A degree of curiosity surfaces gradually from the watching public. What type of person is sitting behind the darkened glass? Is this a celebrity or someone who does not want to be known by the outside world? Not being able to see into the vehicle is the source for many of these questions. Unfortunately, some countries view glass tinting with suspicion and penalize car owners who

As reported before by TintCenter and many other health blogs and news sites, considerable sun damage is a real danger to commuters. Often times people are stuck in traffic jams during commutes, and a quick 25 mile commute turns into an hour long trip, your sun exposure inside the car is for the entire hour.

Gizmodo published an article an photo of skin damage to a truck driver that clearly demonstrates the long term health risk. Aside from the big

Nobody would want this explosive situation to happen to them.  5 AM and you are peacefully sleeping when a bomb is thrown at your home and explodes!  A Fort Lauderdale home was wrecked by an explosion knocking out 3 windows.

The residents say that if window tint was not installed on the windows, the explosive package would have landed dangerously close to the parent and baby sleeping inside the room.  Instead, the package exploded outside the home, but it still

Truck owners are allowed to tint the windshields and side windows of a truck’s cab, which could protect drivers from harmful sunlight, the International Window Film Association said.

IWFA cited a letter it received in October from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in which the agency said that regulations allow window tinting, as long as at least 70% of the light transmission gets through the window.

“The clarification represents information that impacts millions of truck drivers who drive many hours at

The natural effects of UV and heat promote aging in whatever they hit.  Whether it is your carpet, furniture, or your skin, the heat and radiation causes oxidation, the same process used in cooking food, which then causes deterioration.  When we combine this effect with another recent phenomenon, the rise of plastics and glues in our carpeting and rugs, it brings a negative health risk to us all.

Thanks to Sea Green Natural Blog for noticing another benefit to using window

Sufferers of asthma and allergies despise dirt and dust.  Carpets are impossible to suction entirely clean, capturing dust and re-emitting them through time.  Window sills and curtains also passively collect dust, and bumping into them may cause a shower of dust triggering asthma attacks or allergy symptoms to flare.  This is a reason many home owners who are keen on keeping dust in the home under control prefer wood or composite flooring material rather than carpets.  In a similar vein