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Although it sounds like a joke, but there is really is decorative window film designed with the leaves of the marijuana plant.  Sold by, the Pot Leaf Window Film is an excellent addition to any home a way to subtly express your recreational activities.   Thanks to for bringing this unique product to our attention.

On a serious note, decorative film is a great product to add privacy to your windows at the same time as

Excellent and low-cost energy efficiency tip to keep a little more heat out from the garage.  Using simple insulating material can be applied to the panels on the garage door.  Additionally, window film can be applied to the windows to reject some more heat while still letting the natural sunlight in.

The only objection to the article is that it recommends purchasing window film from Lowes.  Lowes sells Gila brand film with is like the bastard step-child of prefessional grade

This press release from SolarGard caught my eye today.  It was titled SolarGard Releases Nanotech-based Window Film for Cars that Blocks 99% of UV Rays. Although this sounds impressive, does it really mean that much?

What some people do not know is that most quality window films block 95+% of UV rays. Maybe the difference is performance?

It is stated that the SolarGard Ultra film can block up to half of solar energy.  The same can be said about SolarGard’s line

An new report about legal window tint in Texas inspired some words of advice and thoughts.

The new law ,which goes into effect in September, says front window tint can be no lower then 35. “The lower the number the darker the tint,” explains Smith.

Often times, buyers of tint assumes that since the law requires 35 or above, they purchase 35 or above window tint.  Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case.  The glass itself also naturally reduces the amount

Those of you with homes that belong to Home Owners Associations (HOA) already know what HOA’s are for.  On the positive side, HOA rules and regulations help a community like uniformly clean and well-maintained; however, some HOA may be too restrictive and prevent homeowners from even re-painting their home to a different color.

In many communities, the installation of energy-efficient add-ons to a home like solar panels or window tint have been rejected on aesthetic grounds.  This means that the HOA

Ever had the problem of laser mice on a glass desktop?  The mouse just does not seem to track correctly with your hand movements.  Lifehacker presents a fun solution by applying just a little window film.  You can also cut the window film to any shape and size you wish.

An article with excellent energy-saving tips on how a woman in Jacksonville Florida cut her energy bills by half, even during the summer.  Some of the tips mentioned in the article include:

Replacing light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs
Making doors and windows airtight
Raising the AC temperature to 74 degrees
Use more ceiling and floor fans

Additional tips suggested included:

Use a programmable thermometer so your AC is not running when nobody is at  home
Install window tint on your windows to reject heat even

Came across this article highlighting the beauty of window tint as well as free advertising for Auto Lovers Tinting in Hudson Valley NY.  The article says:

I’ve written before about window tint and the difference between what is legal and what isn’t, but looking at some imports at the K104.7 Xtreme Rides show and the ones that were at the Rhinebeck Car Show, I realized that window tint is what makes the car. Not only does it protect your interior