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As the new Indian Car Tint Law comes to effect across the giant nation of India, the implementation of the law seems to be gradual.  There are reports of waiving initial fines, post-poning the start day of the law, as well as other mitigating options to give time to the local law enforcement to enforce on the new law.

To those that recognize and enjoy the benefits of window tint, there some online reactions are quite negative against the proposed

The Supreme Court of India has declared all aftermarket Indian car tint to be illegal even if it complies with the 70% front and rear windshield as well as 50% side window VLT requirements.

The Supreme Court judgment said, “The directions contained in this judgment shall become operative and enforceable with effect from 4th May, 2012.” The court has ruled that traffic police “shall also remove the black films from the offending vehicles.” “In accordance to the apex court’s order,

Sounds like science fiction!  How can glass be glare-free, self-cleaning, AND water-repellant?  The wonder kids at MIT continue to innovate with this new texture to the glass surface itself that eliminates many of the problems with glass.  It used to be with lead glass had much better optical clarity, but since lead is no longer an acceptable around children and households, glass in windows took a step back.

This new invention has implications beyond standard household glass. Imagine the

A Canadian paralegal gives advice to a driver who has been recently ticketed for illegal tint.  Although TintCenter site doesn’t cover tint laws for countries other than the United States, we are interested to see the national opinion and laws concerning window tint adapt and evolve on a global level.

Section 73 of the Highway Traffic Act states:

Colour coating obstructing view prohibited

(2) No person shall drive a motor vehicle upon a highway where the surface of the windshield or of

New debut 2013 SL and SLK Class Mercedes at the Beijing Auto Show has a Magic Sky technology to the moon roof similar to the window tinting technology found on the Boeing Dreamliner 787.    Crystal polymer sandwiched between glass is opaque when there is no electrical charge, and becomes clear when small electrical charge is applied at a touch of a button.  No word on whether the Magic Sky technology offered by Mercedes has incremental levels of tinting

Fuwei Films is a leading Chinese PET manufacturing plant with products spanning many markets including electronics, food, and energy conservation.  They recently announced 2011 full year financial results.  These results give a glimpse at the growth inside China for PET products.  Although Fuwei seems to be primarily a BOPET manufacturer, they have expanding product lines and developing patent portfolio:

In August 2011, we received three utility patents from the Ministry of State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC. These utility

Justin’s special edition Fisker Karma is a piece of art.  From the outside, it seems like everything has been customized. Chrome paint, neon underlights, window tint on all windows, including the windshield.

With California tint laws requiring high visibility on the front windshield and front windows, his vehicle can be easily ticketed.  Another issue would be the neon underlights which were popular during the Fast and Furious movie series, but unfortunately were never approved to be street legal in California.

Truck owners are allowed to tint the windshields and side windows of a truck’s cab, which could protect drivers from harmful sunlight, the International Window Film Association said.

IWFA cited a letter it received in October from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in which the agency said that regulations allow window tinting, as long as at least 70% of the light transmission gets through the window.

“The clarification represents information that impacts millions of truck drivers who drive many hours at

As if 50 different state tint laws isn’t enough, some cities have their own tint laws that are different from those of their own state.  Let’s take Chicago for example.   The landmark city of Illinois, Chicago states that no tint is legal on the front windows of vehicles although Illinois tint laws clearly allows for 35% or above front window tint.

What happens if you are an Illinois state citizen visiting Chicago for a quick day trip?  You can

Newly released SolarGard UltraGard is a clear 89% light transmitting film that blocs 99% of both UV-A and UV-B.  Normal glass windows does not block UV-B, and a portion of UV-A.  Unfortunately, it has been shown that regular exposures to both types of ultraviolet radiation can lead to increased risk of skin cancer.  This causes situations where you are at risk in your daily commute to work or curling up in front of a window reading your favorite books.