Where to Open a Window Tint Shop?

Every local business needs customers in their local area to serve. Window tint shops are no exception to this rule - Know where your customers are.

This tint shop locator tool helps you in the following ways:

  • Which cities have the largest window tint demand?
  • Figure out where to open a new tint shop
  • How far should you advertise your tint shop to find customers

Each marker on the map represents a customer price quote request from a customer who used the TintCenter website. He or she requested a price quote for car tint, home tint, and/or paint protection services.

The customer data shown is for the last month of window tint quotes. Seasonality plays a large role in determining the demand for window tinting services. Typically summers is 2-4 times the volume of winter months for tinting shops. This is true not only for home tint demand but also car tint demand as well.

is a single price quote request
is your tint shop location

The red circle around your tint shop is your Advertising Radius. This is where you spend your marketing dollars get the word out about your business. TintCenter's Price Quote Program directly notifies all customers (purple boxes) in your area of your services. You can customize your advertising radius to be anything from 5 miles to a 40 mile radius.

If the tool is running slowly, install the Ferrari of browsers: Download Google Chrome. If you continue to have problems, contact us to report the issue.

Directions: Enter your tint shop location using zipcode, city state, or address

Choose an Advertising Radius to see if you will reach potential customers around you

Or freely zoom in and run around the map using controls on the left

Finding Window Tint Customers

Location of Tint Shop:

Advertising Radius:

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Customize what services you offer from car tint, home tint, and paint protection as well as your Advertising Radius from 5 miles to 40 miles from your tint shop.