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The secret is out! Window tinting is not only for office buildings; it is also for homes. Combine 60% heat rejection, 90% glare reduction, and 99% UV protection for an unbeatable combination. Save on summer cooling costs and also improve your health and standard of living with window film.

SnapTint Window Tint is an affordable way to DIY tint your car or home.

Top quality SolarGard HP film, pre-cut to fit your windows and include a Lifetime Warranty.

Check out their Window Tinting Videos

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There is no argument that window film is an exceedingly good conserver of energy in the home or office. The ability to block sunlight from coming in and retaining heat inside the space allows window film to be a fairly inexpensive means of keeping energy costs down. There is a second reason that a homeowner or office manager should keep in mind about window tint. It shields the body from considerable damage that can be caused by the sun’s ultraviolet

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Most of us enjoy a good sunbath now and then, and even our doctors recommend a short dose daily. Did you know, however, that our bodies crave one kind of light in particular?  Our bodies need light from the blue part of the color spectrum. This is one reason why sitting out in the sun makes you feel better than if you sit in sunlight coming through most window glass on the market today.  Upon closer examination, sitting out in

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Since the recession came to town a few years back, residential architects have report mixed messages in the last two years as to what homeowners are looking for in residential design features. While there is an interest in energy savings among those wanting new homes, financial challenges remain the largest single hurdle to utilizing some of these innovations in new home construction.

You can almost guess some of the trends dating back to early 2011. Smaller sized homes probably top the

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Window film has always been celebrated as a highly practical means of conserving energy in a building. Its ability to retain heat in the winter and deflect hot solar rays in the summer has made it a product in high demand. There are certainly other uses as well. In fact, there is an artistic quality to certain films that make them aesthetically appealing.

The styles can be flowers or animals for children and even more dramatic ones for business or more

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There finally comes the time when a committed environmentalist takes the big step and turns to solar power as the home energy source. This is not a move to be taken lightly but it is one that can generate benefits as well as comfortable heat.

Solar panels can be a do-it-yourself job and there are kits available for the amateur to work with. Yet, as with any sizable home renovation, it is essential to do a little bit of preliminary investigation

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Not everybody wants to buy an already built house. There are a number of consumers who would like to have their home built to specifications that reflect their lifestyle and particular taste. This is true with environmentalists as well as anybody else. These people want homes that display their commitment to green. They are quite willing to consider alternatives to standard residential architecture as a means of achieving what they want in the places where they live.  The housing construction

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Is it possible to save home energy bills by decorating? Yes, in fact, there are a number of ways that some smart decorating can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Of course, there are major construction designs that can be implemented to gain optimum energy efficiency when building a home.

What if your home is already built? Here are a few suggestions that are based on interior decorating. Some may require more financial investment while others have very

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People enjoy their privacy and it’s not because they are paranoid. Rather, it is a desire that domestic activity remained intimate and not open to the prying view of public scrutiny. This is why homeowners will invest in building privacy fences to surround the property. This urge to be sheltered from the outside world often results in row on row of rather drab looking planks of wood in need of a paint job. A wooden privacy fence by the way

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Just about 100 years ago the “vacuum flask” was first manufactured by two German glassblowers. By 1911, machines were making glass fillers for flasks.  Many of us know this product today by its brand name, Thermos. This simple, yet revolutionary concept was designed to reduce the heat transfer process.

If you think back to high school science, you may recall that in order to affect the heat transfer process you must slow down conduction, radiation and convection.  Thermos products do this

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DIY folks are not content with just using old-fashioned notions and ways of doing things. They’re willing to experiment a little bit and try things that are radically new and potentially beneficial. The time-honored tradition of flooring work is to use hardwood but that is not only expensive, it can be harmful to the environment. Hardwood trees are necessary to cut down on carbon pollution and maintain the biosphere, and something that is renewable would a better choice. The environmentally