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The secret is out! Window tinting is not only for office buildings; it is also for homes. Combine 60% heat rejection, 90% glare reduction, and 99% UV protection for an unbeatable combination. Save on summer cooling costs and also improve your health and standard of living with window film.

SnapTint Window Tint is an affordable way to DIY tint your car or home.

Top quality SolarGard HP film, pre-cut to fit your windows and include a Lifetime Warranty.

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Excellent survey run by Ross Kehl over at Window Film Magazine asking the question of what type of solution is used by window tinters.  The responses to the survey were enough to draw a real conclusion.  The results were not surprisingly, Baby Shampoo being #1 as the go to solution for professional tinters.

What soap/solution do you use for film installation?
Baby Shampoo


Joy Dish Detergent


Ajax Dish Detergent


Other (enter response in comment box below)



Showing his in-depth knowledge, Ross goes further and explains

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Combining the sensual and upscale tastes into window treatment design is quite an art.  Wall Street Journal, long read by a well-heeled business owners, wall streeters, and generally aflluent, goes into depth describing the thinking behind curtain design, and happily even gives a description of window tint’s role in the multi-layered approach to the world of curtains, drapes, and window tint.

Some interior designers are looking for inspiration to women’s fashion—specifically to the wispy, sheer blouses and pullovers more women

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The window film manufacturers continue to innovate and bring more value to their dealers.  SolarGard is leading the charge in this new area of bringing window film estimation tools to your mobile devices like the Apple iPad and iPhone.  Instead of pulling out your large laptop, and waiting for it to boot-up during a discussion with a client while making awkward small talk as your wait, the SolarGard mobile application allows you to instantly whip out your iPhone or

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The natural effects of UV and heat promote aging in whatever they hit.  Whether it is your carpet, furniture, or your skin, the heat and radiation causes oxidation, the same process used in cooking food, which then causes deterioration.  When we combine this effect with another recent phenomenon, the rise of plastics and glues in our carpeting and rugs, it brings a negative health risk to us all.

Thanks to Sea Green Natural Blog for noticing another benefit to using window

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The recent IWFA window film study hits the nail on the head.   TintCenter covered the release a little while ago in this home tint article from almost 2 weeks back.   The study itself compares home tint performance against other home energy products across multiple dimensions:

existing homes and new construction
geographical regions and climates
single pane, double pane, different types of glass

Since the study initially come out, we are heartened to see many online news outlets recognize this story is

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Sufferers of asthma and allergies despise dirt and dust.  Carpets are impossible to suction entirely clean, capturing dust and re-emitting them through time.  Window sills and curtains also passively collect dust, and bumping into them may cause a shower of dust triggering asthma attacks or allergy symptoms to flare.  This is a reason many home owners who are keen on keeping dust in the home under control prefer wood or composite flooring material rather than carpets.  In a similar vein

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The recent IWFA energy study that comprehensively evaluates window film performance against other energy products from existing and new homes is a real hit.  I am seeing that multiple larger eco-conscious or “green” sites featuring this study in their blog posts.  One of the heavier hitting eco sites is Clean Technica, part of a larger blogging family, featured the window film study stating:

International Window Film Association (IWFA) — yeah, I didn’t realize that existed — reported last week that “a

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It was quite surprising that this topic would be covered in an article on BusinessWeek.  Glass and shades in an office building are quite peripheral in importance to most businesses, other than possible ROI calculations in reducing energy bills.  It is heartening to see that other factors are being considered when considering the possibilities of window solutions.

Some of the drawbacks to shades whether automatic or manual:

inertia – once shades are lowered, people are too lazy to raise them back

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IWFA recently published a new window film study comparing window tint energy saving performance against other investments like air conditioning replacement, stucco installation, wall and roof insulation.  The study also took each of these possible energy efficiency projects and examined them in different Californian environments:

Northern Bay Area – moderate climate
San Diego – coastal climate
Riverside – inland climate
Sacrament0 – Central Valley climate

Home tint easily took the the prize as the #1 most energy saving home improvement investment for existing homes

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A recent article highlighted a dilemma with assessing risk to everyday actions in regards to sun-related health and safety.  On one hand, if every chance is taken to reduce exposure to UV-A and UV-B radiation, you will be sitting indoors or in the dark.  On the other hand, blindly ignoring solar radiation’s effect on aging and skin cancer seems dangerous.  Where is the balance?

The writer at the Palm Beach Daily News explores this spectrum of actions one can take