Why Install Paint Protection Films?

You drive your brand new car off the lot and in the first 100 yards you hear the ‘ping’ of a stone chipping the paintwork on the hood. When you get home and check out the damage you notice that bugs have already started to stick to the fender. What can you do to shield the paintwork on your beloved car? You can give it the protective treatment that was designed for airplanes but is now not only available for cars but affordable as well.

Car paint protection film keeps your car looking new for longer

Wouldn’t it be great if your car kept its gleaming showroom finish for more than a month or two, safe from the damaging effects of airborne stones and debris, gravel, grit, salt, sand and bugs? The good news is that this is now possible. A protective urethane film can be applied to the front of your car on the areas most liable to be chipped or scratched or to see a build-up of insect debris. It’s not just for new cars, but for any vehicle that you value and appreciate.

Car paint protection film saves you money

A car, either brand new or pre-owned, is an expensive purchase. Protect your investment by guarding against avoidable damage to the paintwork, so that you get many years of service from your outlay or a good price when you are ready to sell it. Constantly paying out to have chips and scratches repaired, or bug residue removed, can hurt your wallet. You will soon recover the installation cost of paint protection film by saving money on maintenance.

Car paint protection film won’t spoil the look of your car

The paint protection film is so transparent that you can hardly tell it’s there. There’s a slight line where the film stops and the normal paintwork begins, but you won’t notice it unless you’re especially looking for it. Compare that to the way a car bra or bug shield destroys the lines of a car that appealed to you because of its shape. Those ugly shields can actually cause more damage to your car than they prevent. Paint protection film needs no holes or fasteners. It wins hands down.

Car paint protection film is easy to install – professionally or DIY

Adhesive paint protection film is available in rolls or in pre-cut kits specially designed for individual car makes and models. Kits are easier to install than full rolls. The film is typically applied to the hood, fender, grille, bumpers, headlamps and outside mirrors. Using the tools and instructions supplied, it is a job well within the reach of a determined handyman or car enthusiast. Not sure about your ability, or in a hurry? There are plenty of professionals ready and willing to do it for you, at their premises or at your home. Use our window tint price quote feature to match yourself up with a professional. Some film manufacturers recommend professional installation. Once it’s done you just use, wash and wax your car as if the film wasn’t there. If for some reason you need to remove the film, it can be done quite easily without damaging the paintwork.

Paint protection film has been used for years on airplanes and boats and is now being applied to cell phones and other electronics. Why not give your car the benefit of this proven protection? Safeguard your investment, save yourself money, and keep your car in the shape it was meant to be.