Guide to Static Cling Window Film

Vinyl static cling window film has a great many advantages over ordinary window film. One of the main benefits of static cling film is that it can be used many more than a few times over, since it does not involve adhesives. It can be removed with ease, doesn’t leave behind any residue, and can be placed on plastic, Plexiglas, ordinary glass, and metal.

Despite the pros, however, there are a couple of cons to static cling window tint as well. Compared to traditional DIY window tint, the static cling film is much less transparent. For this reason, if you are looking to keep a clear view of the outside, you will be better off staying away from static cling window film.

Another undesirable characteristic of static cling film is that, due to its static properties, it is more difficult to clean as the static charges draw dust particles out of the air and onto the film – and sometimes needs quite a vigorous scrub to fully clean. Ordinary window film, on the other hand, requires nothing more than a squeegee or cloth soaked in soapy water.

When looking at the different types of film available for your home, it is recommended that you first be very clear about what your specific requirements are. Not all window films are alike, and many have their own unique traits and performance characteristics. You can even find specialized frost films, designed for windows where total privacy is necessary (bathroom windows, shower doors, etc.)

Window tint also has many practical purposes besides privacy, such as reducing or eliminating unbearably bright sunlight and glare. One of the best reasons to install window film is its ability to effectively block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Not only does this protect you and your family from skin damage and increased chances of skin cancer, it also helps to preserve the lifespan of electronics and other digital items in your home or office. Solar window films are also able to keep out the cold in winter, by virtue of their excellent insulating properties

solar window film
Regular Solar Window Film

Best Optical Clarity – Install Once

static cling window film
Static Cling Window Film

Poor Optical Clarity – Removable

If you’re looking for something less practical and more ‘pretty’, there are also special decorative films on offer that can give your home some extra flair and style. Decorative films come in several different colors, and can even be combined with certain types of frosted window film.

Installation of static cling film is a relative simple procedure, although it is very important that the surface to which you are applying it is made completely spotless beforehand as you don’t want dirt or dust to be trapped beneath it once you are done. It doesn’t take an expert or tint professional to install, either; no special equipment is required and it can be done by practically anyone. If you considering installing your own film, be sure to watch our window tint installation video to find out how it’s done.

At the end of the day, you’ll definitely want to go with one of the many other alternatives to static cling films, despite their strengths. Sure, they may be cheap, but in all other important respects, solar window film is your best bet for long term window tint success.