How Effective is Privacy Film?

Watching the news last night, there was a funny report regarding an elevated park in Manhattan that put pedestrians at eye level with some floor to ceiling hotel windows. The problem being that exhibitionist hotel guests may accidentally or intentionally put on a show for all to see!

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Most residential and office window film can be installed in these hotels will provide complete privacy for the hotel’s guest as they enjoy their room during the day; however, at night, there does not exist a window film that will provide complete one-way privacy. The exhibitionists will still win!

For so many people, the immediate reaction is… no true! What about all those police movies where people are looking through a one-way glass at the interrogation without the suspect’s knowledge? In these instances, the room that the suspect is interrogated is well lit, and the room behind the one-way glass is kept dark. This setup ensures that little light makes it through the privacy film for the suspect to see, whereas, everything happening with the suspect is visible.

In the hotel scenario, persistent exhibitionists can keep their hotel rooms bright. During the day, the hotel room’s lights cannot compete with the sun, but at night, pedestrians will still be able to see most of the show!

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