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Kudos for for the educational marketing campaign by Evolution Window Films of Welland, Canada.  The owner installed window film for free for a class of Grade 3 students at a local elementary school.  In one stroke, he is protecting kids from heat and UV coming in from western-facing windows.

The education for the kids doesn’t stop here!  Evolution Films supplied students with thermometers prior to installation to measure temperatures on surfaces in the room.  Now the students can compare the difference in temperature prior to and after installation of window film.

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  • Richard

    I think this is great. Education is everything in the business if green and window film and letting children feel and see the difference at such a young age will let them understand going green is more then just recycle a pop can. Its also, preserve your furnishings so less goes to the dump. OR lower your energy bills by blocking heat not view. Lots will be learned from this. Nice to see a company like this Evolution getting press. Nice job guys!!

  • Elise Walker

    When kids see exactly what is going on, it’s easier for them to remember. I’m an elementary school teacher and I’d like to see more of this in other classrooms.

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