Window Film Solar Panel


3M is expanding our conception of what window film is by embedding flexible solar panels inside of window film. The combination of products is touted to not only block heat, but also generate enough electricity in 1 square meter to charge an iPhone in peak sunlight. This window film has low reflectivity, but high solar absorptance to maximize the electricity generated.

Although in concept this is clearly a product of the future, the product specifications now do not seem to mass-market ready with issues like:

  • greenish hue
  • 1/5 the efficiency of traditional solar panel
  • half the cost of solar panels

Looking forward to see 3M iterate and improve on this product in 2012 and beyond.

Comments (2)
  • Squeaky Clean Window Washing

    I am curious to know what type of problems may arise when a window cleaner or home owner attempts to wash the windows? Unless of course it is layered in between a dual pane window, but then what happens when the seal fails and moisture creeps in as with most new windows these days? If dogs or cats scratch it if its on the outside surface of the glass will it ruin the circuit? Or will it be imbedded in the glass itself?

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree with your questions. This is a new breed of film that is still untested in commercial and residential marketplace.