Winter Sun UV Damage

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The IFWA issues a recent press release to highlight the importance of home tint even during the winter months.  The usual positive benefits of thermal insulation provided by Low-E winter window film was not the focus.  Additional benefits cited were:

“People in northern states may not know that because of the low angle of the winter sun, more ultraviolet rays may come through a window into the living space than in the summer in Florida,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the nonprofit IWFA.

“With unrestricted access to your home’s interior, the winter sun’s in-line position with windows can literally make a home’s furniture, drapes and artwork a faded memory,” added Smith. “Now is the time to invest in window film. The purchase provides returns year-round by protecting furnishings from fading, creates a consistent home temperature and keeps you and your belongings safe from UV exposure.”

Additionally, the $500 home improvement energy tax credit for 2011 will expire soon.  Take advantage by purchasing window film for your home before the end of the year.  More information regarding the 2011 Energy Tax Credit.

Be advised that only the material cost (not the labor cost) will be reimbursed through the tax credit.  To maximize the value of the tax credit, consider buying the window film in partial rolls or pre-cut DIY home tint kits.

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