Chicago Tint Laws Different from Illinois Tint Laws


As if 50 different state tint laws isn’t enough, some cities have their own tint laws that are different from those of their own state.  Let’s take Chicago for example.   The landmark city of Illinois, Chicago states that no tint is legal on the front windows of vehicles although Illinois tint laws clearly allows for 35% or above front window tint.

What happens if you are an Illinois state citizen visiting Chicago for a quick day trip?  You can get fined $250 for illegal tint in the Windy city.  This clearly isn’t a fair practice that feels like “gotcha” fines that punish randomly.  One woman is trying to make the rules for Chicago and other municipalities comply with Illinois state regulations.

According to the city’s response to Glasgow’s complaint, Chicago has a right to make tougher ordinances, if needed. And in this case, Chicago police argue they need to be able to see into the front windows for safety reasons.

“The stereotype of the tinted windows has evolved,” English said. “I am not a drug dealer. I don’t do anything illegal. I am psychotherapist. I have four kids.”

An Illinois appellate court is scheduled to make a ruling next month.  Here at TC, we feel tint laws are vital for everybody to follow, but feel like Chicago’s “gotcha” tint laws need to be reformed.

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  • Ricardex47

    Any updates on the appellate?

  • Rudy Rios

    Just another way to go in your pocket.

  • Mike

    Your laws for illinois are incorrect. if the rear windows of a vehicle are darker then 35% then you can only install 50% on the front 2 doors. This is mostly the case with SUV’s where the rear factory tint is around 20%. I hate this twist in the law. For cars without factory tint, then 35% can be installed all the way aroud the car.