Protecting Health with Window Film


There is no argument that window film is an exceedingly good conserver of energy in the home or office. The ability to block sunlight from coming in and retaining heat inside the space allows window film to be a fairly inexpensive means of keeping energy costs down. There is a second reason that a homeowner or office manager should keep in mind about window tint. It shields the body from considerable damage that can be caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

It’s not that people deliberately look at the window and stare straight at the sun for hours. However, ultraviolet light has the capacity of penetrating deep into a person’s eyes and continued exposure to the sun’s glare gradually creates vision problems. Prevent Blindness America warns that a 19% increase in cataracts has occurred in those Americans who are over 40 years of age, and long-term ultraviolet exposure is a primary reason for that. The challenge for the future are the number of senior citizens who would rather live in their own homes as opposed to any long-term care facility. It’s understandable, yet many of the homes do not have any protection at all from ultraviolet rays. In other words, these older folks are living in space that could ultimately damage their eyesight permanently if protection is not applied in the form of window film.

Modern architecture favors the use of natural light coming through windows to brighten up a room. It is considered aesthetically pleasing and a number of people value what they believe are the health benefits. Many accept the idea that sunlight is good for them without question, and there is medical evidence to suggest that vitamin D found in sunlight provides health benefits. That is true but ultraviolet light also can result in melanoma. The incidence of this form of cancer has increased by 800% among young women and 400% among young men in the time period 1970-2009. Melanoma is a killer. People recognize the danger of this cancer and will apply sunblock when they go outside. But what they don’t realize is that the cause of melanoma, ultraviolet rays, can follow a person beyond a closed-door and into areas that are bathed in sunlight. Once again, a lack of sensible protection exposes a person to health dangers that the individual may not realize are there.

Blocking out ultra violet rays of the sun means of safeguarding the eyes and skin. What is true for the house is also true for the family automobile. A measure of window film pressing on the windows of the car can reduce the ill effects of ultraviolet rays. In fact, states will allow exemptions from window tint restrictions for those who have sunlight allergies or who may have melanoma. Window film is not a cure for cancer nor can absolutely stop cataracts from developing. Yet, its ability to keep ultraviolet light at bay suggest that it is one of the better health precautions an individual can place in the home or in the office.

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