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People who are concerned about the environment work to see to it the place they call home will be as Eco friendly as possible. At the same, these homeowners appreciate the importance of privacy in a domestic setting. The world outside should be green and welcoming, but that doesn’t mean that the outside world needs to always look inside. There are times when a little privacy means an awful lot to the rejuvenation and well-being of a tired soul. That

Industry analysts believe that E-glass or Smart Glass products are poised to grow significantly in the next three years, primarily in two sectors: transportation and aerospace usage. If you thought that transition glass is just for eyeglasses and car windshields, think again.

Interest in energy efficiency is certainly propelling much of the interest in Smart Glass. While it’s true that the construction industry is the third sector where demand is greatest, it’s in the transportation and aerospace industries where interest

It is probably unlikely that you think of glass and ceramics at the same time, but new technology invites new mental associations. Ceramic window film is a non-metallic, porcelain product that is now being used, with significant benefit, in a variety of settings from car window tinting to residential window application.

The cost of ceramic window film is a perfect example of paying out front to insure future savings. Admittedly, the purchase price can be as much as twice

Reducing levels of carbon emissions has to be more than just an opinion. Society will literally choke in a fog of chat if nothing is done by individuals. While it is true that large corporations need to do a lot of the heavy lifting, it is at the local micro – level where a lot of positive steps can be made to reduce the size of the carbon footprint we leave behind. It does take a commitment to making positive

Seeing a car driving by with tinted windows conjures up a number of images. A degree of curiosity surfaces gradually from the watching public. What type of person is sitting behind the darkened glass? Is this a celebrity or someone who does not want to be known by the outside world? Not being able to see into the vehicle is the source for many of these questions. Unfortunately, some countries view glass tinting with suspicion and penalize car owners who

The car directly ahead of you has just committed a traffic violation. It’s dark out and the city’s countless lights are at battle with one another in your visual landscape and the recent rain left reflective puddles all over the street. You notice that all of the windows on the car in question are darkly tinted. You can’t even make out clearly how many passengers are in the car.

You activate your overhead lights and the driver pulls over immediately, barely

The view through a window can be inspiring for anybody. The light playing on tree branches and shrubbery can tickle the soul and energize imagination. It is a bit unfortunate but sunlight can also invigorate and annoy. Too much heat from incoming solar rays can turn a work area into an indoor desert and the glare can be downright aggravating. Companies try to reduce the discomfort with blinds and curtains but these can produce sizable maintenance costs. There is a

Peering into the vastness below our feet  seem to hold an attraction for many people-whether you are a skydiver or bungee jumper, or  Felix Baumgartner who leaped into history with his record breaking jump from  the earth’s stratosphere, human beings certainly have some innate need to fly above it all, if only for seconds on end. For the rest of us who may just enjoy the views without the need to risk life and limb, new twists to a very

Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner offers many new breakthroughs in airplane design.  One of the new features that is relevant to the window film industry is the electro-chromic window system that allows airplane passengers to dim the window to their own custom level of darkness.

Similar to window tint, but surpassing it, this new dimmable window system also blocks 99% of UV radiation as well as much of the solar heat from coming into the airplane, making the flight more fuel efficient.

As reported before by TintCenter and many other health blogs and news sites, considerable sun damage is a real danger to commuters. Often times people are stuck in traffic jams during commutes, and a quick 25 mile commute turns into an hour long trip, your sun exposure inside the car is for the entire hour.

Gizmodo published an article an photo of skin damage to a truck driver that clearly demonstrates the long term health risk. Aside from the big