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The recent IWFA window film study hits the nail on the head.   TintCenter covered the release a little while ago in this home tint article from almost 2 weeks back.   The study itself compares home tint performance against other home energy products across multiple dimensions:

existing homes and new construction
geographical regions and climates
single pane, double pane, different types of glass

Since the study initially come out, we are heartened to see many online news outlets recognize this story is

Sufferers of asthma and allergies despise dirt and dust.  Carpets are impossible to suction entirely clean, capturing dust and re-emitting them through time.  Window sills and curtains also passively collect dust, and bumping into them may cause a shower of dust triggering asthma attacks or allergy symptoms to flare.  This is a reason many home owners who are keen on keeping dust in the home under control prefer wood or composite flooring material rather than carpets.  In a similar vein

The recent IWFA energy study that comprehensively evaluates window film performance against other energy products from existing and new homes is a real hit.  I am seeing that multiple larger eco-conscious or “green” sites featuring this study in their blog posts.  One of the heavier hitting eco sites is Clean Technica, part of a larger blogging family, featured the window film study stating:

International Window Film Association (IWFA) — yeah, I didn’t realize that existed — reported last week that “a

Some of the most useful reviews for products can be found in enthusiast forums.  It is surprising that only die-hard consumers that do it for the love, have the patience and money to buy products from different brands and in the process, developed a deeper understanding.  In this case, spareparts from UK has a magnificent post regarding his perception of paint protection brands and products.  A quick summary of the findings by spareparts in the UK:


It was quite surprising that this topic would be covered in an article on BusinessWeek.  Glass and shades in an office building are quite peripheral in importance to most businesses, other than possible ROI calculations in reducing energy bills.  It is heartening to see that other factors are being considered when considering the possibilities of window solutions.

Some of the drawbacks to shades whether automatic or manual:

inertia – once shades are lowered, people are too lazy to raise them back

IWFA recently published a new window film study comparing window tint energy saving performance against other investments like air conditioning replacement, stucco installation, wall and roof insulation.  The study also took each of these possible energy efficiency projects and examined them in different Californian environments:

Northern Bay Area – moderate climate
San Diego – coastal climate
Riverside – inland climate
Sacrament0 – Central Valley climate

Home tint easily took the the prize as the #1 most energy saving home improvement investment for existing homes

A recent article highlighted a dilemma with assessing risk to everyday actions in regards to sun-related health and safety.  On one hand, if every chance is taken to reduce exposure to UV-A and UV-B radiation, you will be sitting indoors or in the dark.  On the other hand, blindly ignoring solar radiation’s effect on aging and skin cancer seems dangerous.  Where is the balance?

The writer at the Palm Beach Daily News explores this spectrum of actions one can take

One of the most restrictive states in regards to window tint regulations is Minnesota.  Whereas, most states allow window tint to be under 50% in VLT, residents of MN are required to have over 50% VLT car tint on all windows of sedans.  Even SUVs and Vans need to maintain 50% on their front windows, but they can have darker tint in the rear.

This 50% restriction sounds like it is doable, but this is measured on a NET basis, meaning

There are many tools to getting the word out about your window tint business.  The standard and easiest way to by word of mouth.  Let your existing customers (hopefully happy) talk for you.   The word spreads, and your business reputation rises.  Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword, and an unhappy tint customer can also cause a lot of damage to your reputation.

Especially in this age of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, a single unhappy customer’s voice can

We often get this question regarding out of state window tint violations.  As we have covered before in previous window tint blog posts, local state police do have the right to hand out tint violations even to out of state vehicles.  Although most police generally are aware that   this action often incurs a substantial hit on goodwill to tourists from out of state, they may be under pressure or just in the mood to write you up.

Here is an