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Admittedly, it isn’t quite that easy to make thin film and the method using microwave technology is still in its infancy, most recently at the University of Texas, Austin. You may be asking yourself, what is thin film and why do we care if it is made using atoms and microwaves?

The simplest example of thin film in use in your own home today is on the bathroom mirror. A thin film of metal coating is applied to one side

When it is reduced to its core definition, marketing is the use of words and images to first get a person’s notice and then plant a desire to buy something. Companies will spend enormous amounts of money in advertising, and some will have large window showcases where people can see what is being offered. That’s great if a company can afford the space and upkeep of a large picture window. Some can’t, but that really doesn’t have to be a

There finally comes the time when a committed environmentalist takes the big step and turns to solar power as the home energy source. This is not a move to be taken lightly but it is one that can generate benefits as well as comfortable heat.

Solar panels can be a do-it-yourself job and there are kits available for the amateur to work with. Yet, as with any sizable home renovation, it is essential to do a little bit of preliminary investigation

Not everybody wants to buy an already built house. There are a number of consumers who would like to have their home built to specifications that reflect their lifestyle and particular taste. This is true with environmentalists as well as anybody else. These people want homes that display their commitment to green. They are quite willing to consider alternatives to standard residential architecture as a means of achieving what they want in the places where they live.  The housing construction

The cowboy rides up to the crest of a hill overlooking some of the vast acreage his ranch encompasses. He wants to take a good look at his assets. It is not cows he is looking at, but rather miles of wind turbines. Travel west of San Antonio, Texas and as you near the far west border with New Mexico, you will see miles of these white giants silhouetted against deep blue skies. When cowboys see the future and grasp

Tap or drag a finger across your phone tablet and you are probably stroking a gorilla – a piece of Gorilla Glass from one of the most innovative glass manufacturers on the planet, Corning. Gorilla Glass is riding high on the touch screen revolution of the past decade. Like its namesake, Gorilla Glass is strong, hard, scratch resistant and recyclable. Hundreds of millions of touch sensitive devices in use today contain Gorilla Glass.

According to Corning, as of October 2012,

Just about 100 years ago the “vacuum flask” was first manufactured by two German glassblowers. By 1911, machines were making glass fillers for flasks.  Many of us know this product today by its brand name, Thermos. This simple, yet revolutionary concept was designed to reduce the heat transfer process.

If you think back to high school science, you may recall that in order to affect the heat transfer process you must slow down conduction, radiation and convection.  Thermos products do this

People who are concerned about the environment work to see to it the place they call home will be as Eco friendly as possible. At the same, these homeowners appreciate the importance of privacy in a domestic setting. The world outside should be green and welcoming, but that doesn’t mean that the outside world needs to always look inside. There are times when a little privacy means an awful lot to the rejuvenation and well-being of a tired soul. That

Industry analysts believe that E-glass or Smart Glass products are poised to grow significantly in the next three years, primarily in two sectors: transportation and aerospace usage. If you thought that transition glass is just for eyeglasses and car windshields, think again.

Interest in energy efficiency is certainly propelling much of the interest in Smart Glass. While it’s true that the construction industry is the third sector where demand is greatest, it’s in the transportation and aerospace industries where interest

It is probably unlikely that you think of glass and ceramics at the same time, but new technology invites new mental associations. Ceramic window film is a non-metallic, porcelain product that is now being used, with significant benefit, in a variety of settings from car window tinting to residential window application.

The cost of ceramic window film is a perfect example of paying out front to insure future savings. Admittedly, the purchase price can be as much as twice