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Mirae Nano Tech (english website) declared in a recent press release that it would be launching three new areas of business – retro-reflective film, GEF, and window film.   Mirae Nano has specialized in display component materials like optical films used in TV’s, monitors, and laptop computer screens.  Having risen from 1% market share in 2005 to 30% market share in 2010 and #1 in the world, this company is a true growth story.

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SPI, a Korean window film manufacturer, introduces a new line of film called the ‘S9P Series’. This series of window film boasts 99% UV and 98% infrared rejection, which pretty maximizes the performance of the films in the ultra-clear nano/ceramic categories. The film itself is pretty comparable with similar category films offered the leading US window film manufacturers. What was interesting was the way SPI broke down the generations of window film technology.

First Generation Films – Dark privacy oriented

You may have experienced this before.  A “crack” jolts you out of your work, then 30 seconds later, another “crack”.  Where is the sound coming from?  Eventually, you may find a bird repeatedly striking a window pane as if it wasn’t there.

This problem happens in untinted windows when birds do not see the glass.  Bird strikes also happen in reflective windows when the reflected tree, sky, and clouds indicate free space to fly.  Upon impact, some birds die instantly, some

LexJet introduces a new product for see-through signage named LexJet FaceMount Perforated Window Grip available in 53″ x 82′ and 27″ x 12′ rolls. Offering 60% printable area and 40% clear area and 1.7mm hole size for eye-catching design without obstructing vision into the window. Combined with a low-tack adhesive feature that allows the printed design to be moved repeatedly without leaving a messy residue, this product is a step above previous signage products in ease-of-use.

In the solar performance

3M is expanding our conception of what window film is by embedding flexible solar panels inside of window film. The combination of products is touted to not only block heat, but also generate enough electricity in 1 square meter to charge an iPhone in peak sunlight. This window film has low reflectivity, but high solar absorptance to maximize the electricity generated.

Although in concept this is clearly a product of the future, the product specifications now do not seem to

The 2011 SEMA show concluded last week. Car enthusiast blogs as well as professional trade magazines like Window Film Mag are catching up and getting their thoughts and opinions posted. One series of videos that were especially helpful were these from the “FILM’d” series hosted by editor Katie Hodge which highlights the thoughts of many industry players from manufacturers to dealers with their thoughts on window film product lines to general comments about surviving in this economy.

More Videos available

This year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show continues to be chock full of products, companies, and ideas that tickle the fancy of automotive enthusiasts and modders of all stripes and colors. Window film companies have traditionally attended this sprawling even in Las Vegas. From domestic companies reaching out to their base to foreign companies entering the US market with their products, we usually see a wide variety of window film products represented at the show.

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It is worth reminding during winter season that drafts from windows and doors are some of the biggest enemies of winter energy efficiency. There are many plastic window film products that are dummy-proof to install are window insulation kits. Here is a great video that demonstrates the installation process:

These plastic insulating film products are available at your local hardware store or from online vendors like SnapTint at their Winter Window Films product section.

Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation developed a novel transparent window film featuring the industry’s highest-level thermal insulation along with solar heat rejection, which allows users to achieve energy savings year-round, the company announced today. When applied to glass windows, this film product rejects approximately 40% of solar heat as well as 99% of UV, so that cooling load would be greatly reduced in summer. Moreover, the product’s unique feature is that it can reduce heat flow

Contra Vision, a product and solutions provider of perforated and non-perforated window films, announced winners of their prestigious 3rd International Wrap Artists Competition at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Expo. For those of you that are not familiar with this sister-industry of solar control window films, film wraps are used in not only commercial storefronts but also to decorate entire vehicles from small cars to large trucks and buses with a branding message for companies, movies,