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Window Tint Law Disclaimer

Here at we do our best to keep up-to-date and on-the-ball with the ever-changing laws and state requirements for window tint through various channels, including television, newspapers, radio, and the internet. Unfortunately, due to the nature and scale of these laws it is not always possible for us to keep 100% accurate information on hand at all times.

Adding to the general confusion surrounding tint laws, some of our users have alerted us to instances where state laws are enforced differently depending on which regional Police Department you are dealing with.  It is because of this that we recommend always double checking with the department closest to your location with regards to their existing window tint laws, rules and regulations, as well as their general enforcement policies.

Keep in mind that these inconsistencies are not the Police Department’s fault, and in most cases result merely from different interpretations of the same state window tint law. One way to make the whole deal less confusing is to think of the body of laws as an ever-changing and often overlapping set of guidelines, where the most important laws to adhere to are the ones which are regularly enforced by your local authority.

For your benefit, takes as much of the differing opinions into consideration as possible, to give you a basic idea of where you stand with your local authorities. To give you a feel for the uncertainties involved in the process of figuring out which laws apply to you, take a look at the following website on Pennsylvania Window Tint Laws.


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